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Single Dose Coffee

Whole bean analysis

Whole bean analysis

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Send us a sample of your roasted whole beans and we will measure the roast colour using our Lighttells CM-200 colourimeter, returning the results by email.

Results will be provided on the Agtron Gourmet scale, together with data about the distribution of colours within the sample.

If you would also like us to measure the interior colour, please select this optional extra. We will grind your sample (to the SCAA cupping standard) and measure the colour again. The spread between the exterior and interior results will provide you with insight into the evenness of your roast and the degree of inner bean development you have achieved with that roast profile.

If you would then like us to measure the solubility of your ground sample, we will brew your ground coffee using remineralised water optimised for cupping, push a sample through a VST syringe filter and measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) of the brewed coffee using a VST Coffee III refractometer. This will give you an insight into the solubility of your roast, which is an indicator of roast development. (Please note that we do not presently offer a sensory evaluation service.)

After placing your order, you should send each sample (minimum 20g) to the UK address provided with your confirmation email. The sample must arrive within 28 days of placing your order; you will receive your results by email within 7 days of receipt. Please note that samples will not be returned.

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