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Single Dose Coffee

Ground coffee analysis

Ground coffee analysis

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Send us a sample of ground coffee and we‘ll measure the internal bean colour.

If you add particle size analysis we will randomly distribute part of your ground coffee sample across our test bed, using the Lighttells CM-200 to measure the size and spread of those particles (in microns). This can help you to:

  • ‘dial in’ your grinder to a desired grind size for a given roast, revealing what grinder settings produce grounds of ideal fineness or coarseness for different brewing methods (eg espresso, filter, Aeropress etc.);
  • verify whether your burr set produces fines and boulders consistently in the expected distribution pattern (eg unimodal/bimodal) — which can have a dramatic impact on extraction, flavour and texture;
  • detect drift in your grind settings over time that could indicate issues with burr wear or alignment.
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