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Single Dose Coffee

Amazonian Rainforest, Ecuador

Amazonian Rainforest, Ecuador

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Tropical, red berries, herbal, floral

La Josefina is a truly unique origin. Nestled between the Sumac and Cayambe-Coca national parks in the Napa Province, the farm is surrounded by nature, including pumas, capybaras, bears, snakes and thousands of species of trees, flowers and plants. El Reventador, one of Ecuador's most active volcanoes, casts volcanic ash over the crops, fertilising the soil and acting as a natural fungicide.

I'm really excited to share this coffee with you. It scored 89 in an independent cupping, making it one of the finest coffees on the market. The juicy, fruit-dominant flavours reflect the distinctive terroir, calling for a particularly careful approach to roasting. The roast profile begins with an extended drying phase in view of the high moisture content of the green beans, followed by a gentle development phase to allow the natural sugars to shine through in the cup.

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